09. Long life loose fit - questions to ask

Day to day flexibility

  • Does the design provide day to day flexibility for different types of learning and teaching?
  • Is there a range of spaces available for widely different group sizes?
  • Does the design encourage social learning throughout the school and its grounds?
  • Can spaces be reconfigured easily?
  • How does the design support community use and out of hours use?
  • Are the spaces suitable for a variety of uses?


  • Is the building able to accommodate different organisational structures or pedagogies over time?
  • How well does the design allow for future expansion of the school?
  • What impact will alternative layouts have on the circulation?
  • Which pastoral / curriculum groupings can the plan accommodate?
  • Do the building services allow for adaptation of the plan?
  • If the layout changes, what will be the impact on the daylighting of the space? On acoustics? On ICT?
  • Does the design make provision for future change if required?
  • How will the school respond if pupil numbers increase?
  • Can circulation routes be extended for future additions?

Furniture and equipment

  • Can a good range of layouts be made using the proposed furniture?
  • Will the proposed furniture and equipment allow changes to be made easily?
  • Where will furniture be stored when not in use?
  • How will the furniture and equipment be integrated with ICT?
  • Is there a variety of furniture provided?
  • What external furniture will be provided?