Example scheme A

Find out how this scheme scored highly for 02. Site plan by looking at the plans and drawings presented to the schools design panel.

The scheme makes the most of its relatively constrained site. Its orientation parallel to the site boundary creates a successful relationship to adjacent properties and sports fields. The site organisation carefully avoids the school being dominated by either car parking or the service access routes. The scheme was also commended on the design on the public space in front of the building which makes a welcoming approach to the school.

Site plan

The site plan clearly shows how the design makes best use of the site, with the courtyard plan creating positive internal and external spaces. The orientation of the building is good allowing learning spaces to face North / South enabling solar gains and glare to be more easily controlled. Vehicles have a separate entrance to the site than pedestrians allowing safe routes into the school and the car parking to be unobtrusive. Discrete arrangements are made for deliveries which has little impact on the rest of the site. The sports facilities are well arranged on the site with the changing facilities sensibly located for community use of the sports pitches (strategic site organisation).

The courtyard plan enables sensible routes to key areas in the grounds from the building avoiding disruption to learning spaces and optimises links between indoor and outdoor spaces (strategic site organisation).

Explore the annotations for more information:

Phasing diagrams

This sequence of drawings shows how the project will be phased to retain the existing buildings during construction of the new school. In more complex schemes it can be useful to explain how the contractor’s access will work during construction and show how the phasing avoids compromising the final design (working with existing site constraints and opportunities).