Borneo Sporenburg

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Borneo Sporenburg

A variety of house types, distinctive apartment blocks and the waterfront add character the Borneo Sporenburg housing development and make the neighbourhood easy to navigate. Masterplan by West 8.

Of the 17,000 housing units in the Eastern Docklands, those in Borneo Sporenburg are the most innovative, offering a vision of urban living tuned to an aspiration by many to live in the city's historic core, or some place like it.

As part of the phased regeneration of these now disused areas, a residential brief of 2500 dwellings was set for the two peninsulas of Borneo and Sporenburg, dictating a high density of housing.

The Borneo Sporenburg plan divides the low-rise buildings into three zones with architecturally distinctive high-rise residential buildings creating significant landmarks within the harbour landscape. The variety of dwelling types includes both three storey terraces with patios and gardens, some of which are poised on canals, and apartment blocks (the most renowned of which is 'the Whale').

Borneo Sporenburg reverses the predominant social trend towards a dense urban core inhabited by childless couples, singles and the extremes of high and low income, and a suburban fringe occupied by middle-class families. The development demonstrates that family housing is not incompatible with dense urban areas.