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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Taking medication abroad

If you are taking medication, make sure you take the right amount on your trip. There are some other things to consider too.

Taking medication with you

If you are taking medication with you on a trip or holiday:

  • make sure that you have enough for your whole stay - and an extra supply in case of delays or emergencies
  • get a letter from your doctor to say that you need the medication and keep a list in case you lose it or need to get more during your stay
  • list the proper names of the medication - not just the trade names. Keep it in its original packaging
  • keep a written record with you of any medical condition affecting you such as diabetes or haemophilia

If you are flying

An airline is entitled to demand that a passenger travels with a companion if the passenger is not self-sufficient. This includes administering their own medicines and medical procedures.

Don't claim that you are self-sufficient if you are not. You may cause yourself and the airline serious problems because they will be unable to meet your basic needs.

Always pack your medication in your hand luggage where possible in case your main luggage goes missing.

Medication and other countries

You may need to check with the Embassy or High Commission of the country you are visiting in case they have any restrictions on taking your medication into the country.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is responsible for foreign affairs. The travel section of their website contains information for anyone planning a trip overseas and has information by country.

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