Public space leadership for local authorities

Directors of service in planning, highway, transport, engineering and parks departments have a key role in public space design and management through the spatial planning of public space across their sectors and disciplines.

How can local authorities lead on public space?

Develop public space strategies to deal holistically with streets, green spaces and civic spaces. These spatial strategies should support cross-departmental and partnership working by involving local strategic partnerships.

Reduce energy use through better management, maintenance and design of the public space network.

Appoint a public space champion - a member-level portfolio holder with all-round political responsibility for public space.

Create public space design and management documents, in the form of local guidelines, strategies and policies that address how both new and existing public space is to be designed and managed.

Assess the quality and provision of public space by using the methodology of PPG17 and its accompanying good practice guide.

Ensure the principles of Manual for Streets inform all street design decisions to create attractive streets for all.

CABE and Urban Practitioners
with the cities of Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield