Re-affirm project aims and boundary

It is important for the project partners to re-consider at this stage the project aims – outputs and outcomes – in the light of the exploratory work that has taken place during the prepare phase of the project.

Project aims are often summarised in the form of a vision statement to be incorporated in the design brief. Sometimes the vision statement will include, in a short outline, only the key principles and issues that the strategy should explore agreed amongst the partners. In other cases it might include the results of the initial round of consultation with wider stakeholder group, including the public on cross-boundary issues and strategy aims or broad spatial options (e.g. Christchurch Urban Design Strategy Community Charter). Whatever format you choose, present the vision statement in a succinct and eye-catching way.

You also need to re-affirm the spatial boundary. After the intensive period of learning about the place throughout the ‘prepare’ phase of the process the project partners should be in a much better position to decide whether the original boundary is right.

Next step: review the project structure