Greater Zurich Themeworld

An example of planning the delivery.

Implementing a theme-based strategy

The ‘Zurich Themeworld’ project is implemented through three types of projects:

  • development projects such as ‘creative sector initiative’ or ‘knowledge marketing strategy’
  • communication and marketing efforts and campaigns
  • flagship capital project, such as the new ‘Science City’ and convention centre.

The most important and strongest impact was so far achieved in two areas:

  • dispersing the strategy internationally, through ‘multiplicators’ and ambassadors such as global players, big consulting firms, high profile individuals
  • reinforcing the cooperation and collaboration of partners on the issues of  Zurich’s identity and future through an informal ‘Zurich Themeworld Steering Committee’.

The Steering Committee includes representatives of key stakeholders organisations:

  • City of Zurich
  • Canton of Zurich
  • GZA AG (representing outlying GZA cantons)
  • Zurich Tourism
  • Zurich Airport
  • University of Zurich
  • Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)
  • Fortune-500-Companies
  • SME association

The main outputs of the work to date include:

  • an agreed direction in GZA’s development
  • joint budgets for studies or communication activities
  • a more coherent presentation of Zurich at international fairs and trade shows.

The main control and performance monitoring mechanisms are:

  • a continuous internet monitoring of the GZA image, reviewing what is written and said about the area
  • measuring growth in certain sectors of the economy
  • monitoring Zurich’s ranking in key world city rankings.
Implementation diagrams

Implementation diagrams