Jeddah Strategic Planning Framework, Saudi Arabia

An example of testing the options.

The space syntax method of testing spatial options

The space syntax methodology was used to generate a set of proposals for strategic restructuring and growth of Jeddah city-region for the Municipality of Jeddah. The methodology links social and economic variables to urban layout across all spatial scales. It uses detailed digital street cartography to generate maps that measure how accessible each street segment is from its immediate surroundings or the city as a whole. This type of modeling and analysis can be used to explore the efficiency and integration of urban structures; to detect the potential locations for particular activities and land uses; and to evaluate development alternatives in terms of their social, economic and environmental impact.

Further information

City-wide spatial accessibility analysis

City-wide spatial accessibility analysis of (from left to right): the existing spatial structure; the growth plan proposed by the old Local Plan and the new Strategic Planning Framework
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