Delivering the strategy

The project partners need to set out a phasing plan for implementation, decide which elements of the strategy should be delivered through the statutory planning system and set up mechanisms to ensure that all delivered projects are of a high design quality.

A cross-boundary spatial strategy may be developed within or outside the statutory planning system. This will depend on the national planning system structure and the aims and governance structure of the particular strategy. The ultimate goal should be to feed the key elements of the strategy into statutory planning policy. This will ensure that it is aligned with other strategies in the area and with work in the sectors that may not be covered by it.

Project partners also need to develop and test different phasing scenarios at this point in the process and include the preferred option in the implementation plan. Given the long-term nature of large scale strategies, they will have to regularly update the phasing plan in line with other elements of the implementation plan.

An important part of this phase is to establish mechanisms for delivering design quality. This means deciding who, when and how will ensure the application of the design principles, guidance, standards, masterplans, codes and briefs developed during the previous phases of work. The results may be summarised in a design action plan, which could be published as part of the implementation plan or as a separate document.

How do I deliver the strategy?

  1. Decide on planning measures
    Implementing elements of a cross-boundary strategy will often require changes to the statutory planning system across different spatial scales.
  2. Develop a phasing plan
    The phasing plan is part of the implementation plan.
  3. Deliver design quality
    The success of the strategy will ultimately depend on the dedication and skills of the project team to manage the design procurement and monitoring process, and the partnership’s commitment to maintaining pressure on the delivery partners to safeguard design quality through delivery.