Finalising the spatial strategy

This brings together the outputs from the design workshops into an accessible and attractive report.

Amsterdam Structural Vision 2040

Amsterdam Structural Vision 2040
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Once you have completed the design work, tested the options and chosen a preferred option you need to collate a summary of the results of the design phase of the strategic urban design process into the main strategy report. This will be the main output of the project. The implementation plan, which will be produced in the next phase of work may be later amalgamated with this report or published as a separate document.

It is important that the report also contains a summary of the project context, issues and options considered during the course of the project, presented in a visually rich and captivating way. Visual material should be supplemented by concise descriptions.

Another key output of the design work is the GIS database, which contains design drawings, maps and diagrams alongside the mapped social, economic and environmental data generated during the first two phases of the project. The database should be used as a lasting resource, maintained by the project team, to allow implementation monitoring and updating of the strategy.

How do I finalise the spatial strategy?

  1. Write your report
    The key to the large scale urban design approach is the highly visual nature of its outputs.
  2. Publish and promote the report
    The launch of the report should be widely promoted through media, such as TV and radio, conferences, exhibitions and presentations.

Example of finalising the spatial strategy