Thames Gateway identity project

An example of the preparation phase of large scale urban design.

Exploring identity

The Thames Gateway identity project, commissioned by the Thames Gateway Strategic Partnership and led by CABE, studied the character and identity of the UK’s largest regeneration area, stretching for 40 miles along the Thames Estuary from the London Docklands to Southend in Essex and Sheerness in Kent. Its aim was to investigate how the unique qualities of the landscape and existing places can be used to ensure new development in the area is of a high quality, creates value and drives investment.

The background research was wide-ranging, including mapping the landscape and urban character, and consultation with the people who live and work in the area and the professionals engaged in change there. The subsequent publication New things happen set out a vision for the future of the Thames Gateway based on four identity themes to help create a strong, coherent image for the region.

The study informed the overarching strategic framework for the Thames Gateway. It was the basis for a further programme of work by CABE including a Design Pact for the Gateway, which sets out the standards and approaches to development that must be adopted.

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Thames Gateway ‘Love to live’ character map

Thames Gateway ‘Love to live’ character map draws on research commissioned by CABE and illustrates how the character of the Thames Gateway is set to develop in the years to come.
© Grundy Northedge