The Forum


The Forum

The Forum brings together a number of Norwich's libraries and cultural institutions together under one roof. Designed by Michael Hopkins Architects.

It is a large public building that is multi-tenanted, and has at its core a major shared central space.

The building is the centre of the Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Project, and is built to house a new state-of-the-art library replacing the central library that burnt down in 1994. The Forum has been described as 'a cultural and recreational building for the whole community' and is a dynamic centre for information, learning and entertainment.

The Forum, set on an old car park site above the town market and main shopping area, and adjacent to the imposing brick City Hall, presents a huge glass facade towards the flint covered edifice of St Peter Mancroft and the small design-build building which completes the Forum project. This latter building was needed after BBC East decided to move to the main Forum building.