Academy of St Francis of Assisi


Academy of St Francis of Assisi

Eco-friendly design and sustainable living principles take centre-stage at the Academy of St Francis of Assisi, a joint-faith secondary school in Liverpool. Designed by Capita Percy Thomas.

The Academy of St Francis of Assisi represents the culmination of many years of a developing relationship between the Catholic and Anglican denominations in Liverpool, and was the first joint denominational secondary school in England.

It replaced an unpopular Catholic secondary school with a new joint faith secondary school. The 900-place academy is in Kensington, one of the most deprived wards in Liverpool, providing 50% Catholic pupil places and 50% community places.

The project is part of the government’s academy programme and as such is a state funded independent school. The sponsors contributed £2m, with remainder coming from the then DfES.

The architects were appointed in November 2002, work started on site in May 2004, and the academy was opened in November 2005.

The client decided that the academy would have the environment as its specialism and they therefore required a building that would be an exemplar of sustainability and provide educational opportunities within that topic. The final school design responds well to this challenge and achieves a BREEAM rating of excellent.