Supporting delivery in the Thames Gateway

Through its enabling programme, CABE has worked alongside other national and sub-national bodies raising aspirations and standards and building capacity within planning and delivery teams.

The Thames Gateway design pact

The Thames Gateway design pact sets out the standards and approaches to development that will ensure the delivery of high quality places in the Thames Gateway.

We published a consultation draft of the design pact in August 2008 and received a positive response, with 70 per cent of consultees supporting the principles of the pact.

Identity and place-making workshops

CABE set up a Thames Gateway design task force in 2008 and ran three identity workshops looking at each of the identity themes outlined in New Things Happen.

These events encouraged stakeholders, including local authorities, delivery bodies and the private sector, to work together to understand the unique identity of places in the Thames Gateway.  At the final workshop, the taskforce proposed actions for central government, to ensure the delivery of high quality places in the Gateway.

A further two workshops were held later that year, one in London and the second in Southend, discussing what actions needed to be taken to raise the quality of design of new development in those areas.

Housing review

CABE reviewed the quality of proposed new homes in the Thames Gateway, in 2008. The review used the Building for Life criteria  to assess the quality of schemes recently given planning permission.

The government set a challenging target, that by 2010, no scheme will be assessed as ‘poor’, and that at least 50 per cent of schemes will be ‘good or ‘very good’, with that rising to 100 per cent by 2015.  Many of the assessed schemes fell far short of this ambition.

Building for Life training in the Gateway

During 2007-9 CABE ran training sessions for local authorities to demonstrate how Building for Life is used and how it can be implemented and monitored as part of the planning process.

Trip to Emscherlandschaftspark

In 2007 CABE facilitated a study tour to Emscherlandschaftspark for senior staff working in the Thames Gateway to inspire and learn lessons from work undertaken in this strategic project in Germany’s Ruhr Valley.