Tesco supermarket, Hadleigh (2)


New Tesco supermarket for Hadleigh, Suffolk. Designed by Lyons + Sleeman + Hoare.

15 February 2010

Planning reference: B/08/00311/FUL

Tagged with: Retail | Design review | Design review panel | East of England

We also reviewed this scheme on 28 April 2008.

We think this scheme provides a convincing response to the challenge of accommodating a new supermarket in Hadleigh. We support the revised planning application, although we offer some detailed comments on the design of the main vehicular access from Bridge Street, which could be dealt with through a condition.

We support the following strategic moves: the siting of the building to the east of the site; the opening up of a pedestrian route from the High Street (between numbers 111 and 113) in addition to pedestrian access from Pound Lane; the routing of the main access road from the west of Bridge Street; and the demolition of the derelict buildings on the site. We also support the conceptual approach to the supermarket design: expressing the sales and support areas differently (pitched roof and flat roof, glazed and solid walls); and providing natural light to the sales floor.

We are generally supportive of the overall form and architectural treatment, and we are comfortable with the limited palette of materials used (brick, glass, metal and painted render). We also support the enclosure of the service yard by a brick wall, further screened by tree planting. We note that signage will be the subject of a separate application, and think it will be important that this is fully integrated into the detailed design.

We welcome the inclusion of a detailed landscaping strategy in the planning application, particularly for the car park and nature conservation area, including a sustainable drainage system. We think the proposed vehicular access point on Bridge Street would benefit from some further thought, and that its materials and layout should be kept as modest and sensitive as possible, avoiding a standard highways design. We would encourage the local authority to use a planning condition to allow further work to avoid an over-engineered solution. We also note the importance of the space providing a pedestrian route to Pound Lane. This promises to work well, but its success will be dependent on the nature of the retail unit fronting it, and the quality of the landscape details and materials.