Handsmooth House

South Oxfordshire

Proposals for a country house near Ipsden, South Oxfordshire. Designed by Richard Meier.

28 July 2010

Planning reference: P10/E0716 - 28

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The beautiful setting in an area of outstanding natural beauty and the exceptional views across the countryside demand an appropriate design for any new building in this location. This proposal for Handsmooth House convinces us in all respects.

We applaud the client’s commitment to commission a well-designed home from a highly esteemed architect and we commend the intensive cooperation between the client and the architect. We welcome a contemporary piece of architecture in this location. In its relationship with the landscape the proposal follows the grand tradition of English country houses, and in our view, the visual impact of the proposed Handsmooth House, as of the house it replaces, is entirely appropriate.

We support the overall quality of the building and we welcome the high level of detailing. The local planning authority should ensure that the environmental credentials of the project match its design aspirations.

We wish the project well and look forward to seeing it built.