Hackney and Islington green infrastructure network

Hackney has generous green spaces in its north and east, including part of the London 2012 site. Islington, by contrast, has the least green space per head in London, with Highbury Fields one of its few green spaces. So its waterways are important: the Grand Union Canal runs east to west across the borough.

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  • Gloucester green infrastructure network

    Gloucester green infrastructure network

    Managing flood water has become a major concern for Gloucester following 2007’s Severn floods. The Environment Agency is working on alleviation schemes and flood storage areas could provide wildlife parks with public access.

  • Liverpool green infrastructure network

    Liverpool green infrastructure network

    Liverpool’s green map shows civic parks running north to south, with large open spaces to the east. Vegetation spreads along railways and roads in the west, with green belt in the south.

  • Grey to Green campaign

    Grey to Green campaign

    Green infrastructure does not receive anything like the investment or management that goes into grey infrastructure. Grey to Green will fuel a debate about whether this is smart, given the dangers of climate change and the opportunities to improve public health.