Wendy’s journey

From London to Margate

Getting around St Pancras station

Find out the impact of design on someone with learning disabilities by following Wendy on her journey from London to Margate.

Reading about departures

I need to find out which platform my train is leaving from, but I can’t read the departure board screens because they’re too high and the words are too small.

There are no train announcements either, so I decide to find an information desk.

Using signs in the station

I thought that this sign might help me find an information desk but it isn’t clear enough. There's too much information and the directions are confusing.

Finding an information desk

As the signs are too difficult to use, I try to find the information desk by looking around. Some shops look like information desks, which is confusing. I expected to find a desk in the middle of the concourse.

I’m stuck and I don’t know where to go from here, so I’ll ask for help.

Asking for help

I ask a cleaner for help and she directs me to the information desk, which is outside the main concourse! 

But there is no one on it.

Buying a ticket

Eventually I find my way to the ticket office at the other end of the station. Others in my position would have given up by now.

At the ticket office I can’t get round the barrier, but the man behind the counter is clear and respectful. I buy my ticket and order assistance to get to the train.