Fairfield Park

Stotfold, Bedfordshire


Fairfield Park and Fairfield Hall occupy the 66 hectare site of the former Fairfield Hospital, which closed in 1999. The original hospital building, dating from 1857, was listed as Grade ll in 1985 and the church, completed some twenty years after the hospital, was listed in 1997. Redevelopment of the site originated as a way of securing the future of the hospital building.

The main hospital building, Fairfield Hall, has been converted into apartments and incorporates a brasserie and health club with swimming pool.

Fairfield Park enjoys fine mature trees and playing fields. A supermarket with apartments above, a primary school and a community centre have been built at the heart of the project.

The new homes are well laid out with streets that respect the existing landscape features and connect with the country road on the development’s eastern side. Terraced, semi-detached and detached houses and small apartments define perimeter blocks and overlook the streets. Car parking is accommodated on the street, on plot and in small parking courts.

Fairfield Park is exceptional in that developments by several different housebuilders have been successfully integrated because of a masterplan, together with a design code strongly supported by the local authority. The result is a coherent community with a unique character.