Norfolk Park Green Homes


Norfolk Park Green Homes.  Photograph by Mikael Schilling.

Streets, parking and pedestrianisation

Norfolk Park Green Homes faces Park Grange Road which is dominated by traffic. The rumble of trams could have been softened by a few street trees along the edge of the scheme.

Homes face the street where the scheme meets Guildford Avenue, but some entrances and refuse storage areas for the flats could have been better positioned.

Car parking is provided on street and in a central parking area, which is open and overlooked. Grasscrete is used to reduce the visual dominance and environmental impact of large expanses of tarmac. Electrical charging points for electric vehicles are currently dormant following the collapse of the Environment Trust. Generous cycle provision is offered but in places these are isolated.

Public spaces and pedestrian routes are well overlooked. The footpath through the central planted area feels less well overlooked as it is bordered partly by fencing and back gardens, although there still is good surveillance from first and second floor properties. Access to some of the flat entrances are also less open and welcoming that they could be.