Norfolk Park Green Homes


Norfolk Park Green Homes.  Photograph by Mikael Schilling.


Norfolk Park Green Homes was designed in cooperation with the local residents association. It maximises its sweeping views of the city centre and heralds a brighter future for this Sheffield neighbourhood.

Consisting of two/three blocks perched on top of a ridge, the scheme’s height and the use of distinctive coloured timber facades make it a unique addition to the urban landscape. Each home is individually designed with its own colour scheme. Striking coloured timber facades and charming curved porches peel upwards from each front door. You would have no trouble finding a house that you were visiting.

Norfolk Park Green Homes excels in creating a place with a distinctive architectural character. The scheme is the bold first step in reshaping this neighbourhood and local reseidents already consider it a great success.

Although houses feature small front gardens and generous back gardens, it is disappointing that more has not been made of these spaces. A simple soft landscaping scheme, such as the introduction of hedgerows, would have made all the difference. Equally, the lack of refuse storage leaves wheelie bins detracting from the overall impression of the imaginative design.