Cross Street South



Cross Street South is surrounded by light industry, a pub, car parking areas, terraced housing and a high-rise housing block. Poor design, unsympathetic changes, patchy maintenance and neglect has created a poor quality built environment and public realm.

The new residential blocks help to repair the urban fabric by creating attractive and well defined streets and demonstrating that the area is ready for investment. This should be a catalyst for regeneration, boosting confidence for local people, businesses and investors.

Cross Street South has active frontages set back from the pavements behind shallow front-courts, with private space to the rear. The blocks help to define adjacent streets and the corner of the scheme has been modelled to give emphasis to the junction.

The architectural treatment, detailing, colouration of the walls and use of active frontages helps to create a distinctive scheme which is easy to recognise and find your way around. Rather than using a challenging urban context as an excuse for mediocre design, Cross Street South sets new standards for future development in the area.