Bristol Business Park


Sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS) preventing the possibility of water run-off flooding areas such as the nearby village of Hambrook.

Located to the north of Bristol, the business park extends across 11.6 hectares. It was built in phases, starting in 1993. The final three phases incorporated SUDS that were introduced to meet the requirements of the South Gloucestershire local plan, adopted by the council in 2006.

The business park is located on the brow of a hill, near the University of the West of England (UWE). The final phases are within a water catchment area that is drained by a small watercourse with a very shallow bed downstream, leading to frequent flooding of the adjacent road.

An innovative approach

Earlier approaches to drainage on the site used traditional approaches to dealing with rainwater, such as conventional ditches and ponds. These development phases were designed to cope with a flood of a scale that occurs once in 30 years.

Balancing the need for sustainable drainage with the commercial requirements of the site, the design team working on the final phases developed an innovative SUDS that combines extensive permeable paving, swales with a detention pond. In line with policy set out in the local plan, the SUDS is designed to meet the more onerous one in a 100 year criteria now required.