East London Green Grid


A strong planning framework and area-based structures lever investment into new and existing green infrastructure to tackle quality of life issues in the Thames Gateway growth area.

The Thames Gateway growth area will see major housing development to the east of London, bringing with it real quality of life challenges for existing and new residents.

The East London Green Grid initiative uses green infrastructure as a method of combating some of these challenges, particularly by providing recreational opportunities and access to nature. It also responds to serious environmental challenges such as flooding, and the need to create settings for future development.

The £0.5 billion programme is ambitious, but will deliver a lasting legacy. Some 300 Projects have been identified of which 70 have been prioritised and supported by the London Development Agency, and are being taken forward by an extensive partnership of third-sector organisations and central and local government.

A strong planning framework and area-based structures ensure locally appropriate strategies are in place, and meld partnerships of local and regional agencies as a lever for investment.

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