Middlesbrough Urban Growing


Middlesbrough Urban Farming project’s design-led approach uses urban agriculture to resolve sustainability and lifestyle challenges, and has led to major investment from the Healthy Community Challenge Fund.

The Middlesbrough Urban Farming project tackles sustainable development, public health and eating issues via a programme of urban agriculture.

Begun as part of the Designs of the time 2007 programme of events, this project has now secured over £4.1 million from the Healthy Community Challenge Fund, and won backing from senior local figures.

The Middlesbrough ‘town meal’ is the focal point for an annual programme of growing and harvesting - a major public event and a vehicle for community participation. Grow-zones on public land are one of the mechanisms used to produce local food.

Ambitious future plans will see urban farming dovetailed with other lifestyle improvements, including green exercise, and advocacy activities such as a new town and country alliance.

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