Urban design summer school 2009

131 delegates attended the CABE urban design summer school in Bristol.

Photo by Peter Atkinson Photography

Day one - Sunday 21st June

12.00   Registration opens
14.30   Summer School begins: icebreaker
14.45   Welcome and introductions
15.00   Designing sustainable places: Sandy Haliday and Howard Liddell
15.30   City walk – a walking seminar around Bristol
17.00   Refreshments back at the School venue
17.15   Feedback on city walk
17.45   Evening break
18.45   What will make places successful in the 21st Century? Debate with Paul Murrain and David West
19.45   Drinks and welcome from CABE and Bristol City Council
20.00   Opening dinner
21.45   (optional) The urban design game: Rob Cowan
22.15   Day 1 ends

Day two - Monday 22nd June

09.00   Keynote speaker: Ben Hamilton-Baillie: the public realm
09.45   Day two briefing and Briefing on Big Design Project sites in Bristol
10.15   Depart for Big Design Project sites
12.30   Return to venue. Big Design Project: site analysis
13.00   Lunch
14.00   Hot tips and tricks
Urban structure - Scott Adams
Types of drawing - Joe Holyoak
Ecominimalism - Howard Liddell
Street design & placemaking - Louise Duggan
Streets and movement - Noha Nasser
Character appraisal - Dan Roberts
Concept development - David Chapman
The strategic role of open space - Faye Tomlinson
Urban scale and grain – Rob Cowan
Reading plans and drawings - Julia Smachylo
15.00   Big Design Project: discuss development concept
15.30   Big Design Project: design concept and urban structure
16.30   Big Design Project: quick feedback from facilitators
16.45   Big Design Project: layouts
17.45   Big Design Project: pin up
Second thoughts: Rob Cowan
18.00   Evening Break
19.00   Walk to Arup office in Bristol: drinks
19.45   Presentation: Arup approach to social sustainability
20.00   Buffet dinner Hosted by Arup
21.30   Return to venue: Day 2 ends
16.45   Group work on layouts

Day three - Tuesday 23rd June

09.00   Hot tips & tricks:
Streetscapes – Noha Nasser
Sustainable urban form – Howard Liddell
Urban design and public art – Alastair Snow
Landscape and open space - Ruth Bishop
Sensory qualities of place – Sandy Halliday
Spaceshaper  - Hannah Loizos
Designing sustainable travel choice - Daniel Black
10.00   Presentation: how to present a scheme
10.15   Big Design Project: written feedback from Day 2
10.30   Big Design Project: continue work on layouts
11.30   Refreshments
11.45   Big Design Project: design review
12.15   Keynote speaker: Irena Bauman: designing for health wealth & happiness: Presentation
13.00   Lunch
14.00   Outside activity
14.30   Big Design Project: written response from design review
Big Design Project: detailed design work
15.45   Big Design Project: complete detailed designs and pin up
16.30   Presentations of final designs
17.15   Talk shop: choice of workshops
New models of regeneration – Joost Beunderman &  Indy Johar
Food urbanism – Jayne Bradley
Healthy cities – Marcus Grant
Inclusive design – Sandra Manley
Urban design & community cohesion – Noha Nasser
Renaissance towns – Alan Simpson
Beyond eco-towns – Nicholas Falk
Community development trusts – Andy Perkin
18.00   (optional) second chance to join another Talk shop session or break
18.45    Break
19.30    Dinner
20.30    (optional) Walking tour around Harbourside
21.45    Day 3 ends

Day four - Wednesday 24th June

09.00   Feedback on Big Design Project
            Announcement of finalists for Dragon’s Den
09.30   Anatomy of a development: Harbourside
            Expert witnesses present their experiences
10.30   Buzz groups develop questions
11.00   Anatomy of a development: Harbourside
            Panel question time
11.30   Keynote speaker: Yolande Barnes - A new future for housing delivery
12.15   Reflection and action planning
13.00   Lunch
14.00   Dragon’s Den
14.45   Closing remarks: Lorna Walker
15.00   Summer school ends

The Transformer newsletter

There was an edition of the Transformer newsletter each day and one after the summer school ended.  Download all editions.


Ben Hamilton-Baillie
Ben Hamilton-Baillie is an architect, urban designer and movement specialist. As director of Hamilton-Baillie Associates Ltd. he provides consultancy advice on traffic and urban renewal for a wide range of local authorities, government agencies, developers, and community groups.

Irena Bauman, Bauman Lyons Architects Limited
Irena Bauman funded Bauman Lyons in 1992, and has been involved in developing wide range of projects. The practice is especially interested in mixed use, urban regeneration projects which tap into cultural creativity and aim to achieve new standards of sustainable development. She is also a CABE commissioner, CABE Champion for Yorkshire and Humber and chair for the Research Group.

Jayne Bradley, Sense City Jayne Bradley is the director of Sense City,  a practice based consultancy offering policy solutions to health and the environment through rethinking the food system, collaborating with regeneration and built environment professionals to integrate food into community, spatial and local plans. Sense City also works with community groups encouraging bottom up interventions with local food networks, supporting local food businesses, urban agriculture and practical approaches to sustainable urban neighbourhoods.

Joost Beunderman
Joost is an Associate at the think tank Demos, where he has led several projects on urban regeneration, public space and third sector involvement in the creative economy. He has published numerous works on urban policy and he is currently working with Zer'o Zer'o on a range of research and strategy projects with partners such as the Watershed digital media centre (Bristol), Urban Initiatives, Bradford City Council, and NESTA.

Marcus Grant
Marcus is a chartered landscape architect, and deputy director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Cities and Urban Policy. Situated at the University of the West of England, the centre supports synergy between sustainable development, health and design through research, consultancy and teaching. Recently he has been working with the Department of Health in the South West to develop healthier urban places though examining the positive role that urban design can play.

Sandy Halliday, GAIA Research
Sandy Halliday established her own research and consultancy practice – now Gaia Research –  in 1996 to develop sustainable solutions for the built environment. Sandy has recently been appointed Professor of Engineering Design for Sustainable Development by the Royal Academy of Engineering to assist in embedding sustainable design throughout engineering education.

Indy Johar, 00:/
Indy is a co-founder of 00:/, a unique organisation which seeks to fuse the boundaries of policy, strategy and design to deliver integrated sustainable futures. Over the course of the last 3 years 00:/ has grown its skill base ranging from policy research and brief strategy to architects and urban designers. He is also a Demos Associate and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Indy has also written several publications including “Sustainable Suburbs” (for RICS & CABE), “Future Planners” (for DEMOS) and ”Barcelona London” (for DEMOS).

Sandra Manley, University of the West of England
Sandra is Director of the Short Course Programme for the School of Built and Natural Environment at UWE and a planner by background. She is a regular contributor to UWE’s extensive programme of short courses and has spoken at international seminars and conferences as well as at UK based events.

Paul Murrain, Consultant
Paul is an urban design consultant, and (former) Senior Lecturer and Course Chairman at the Joint Center for Urban Design in Oxford, England. Paul was appointed as Visiting Professor at the University of Greenwich in 2007 and invited to be an Academician for the RIBA’s Academy of Urbanism in 2008. He has recently been appointed to CABE’s Expert Panel on Strategic Urban Design.

Noha Nasser, Birmingham City University
Noha Nasser is Director of the national Centre for Urban Design Outreach and Skills (CUDOS) at Birmingham City University developing community-centred urban design solutions and advancing community cohesion. She teaches on the MA Urban Design, is a member of both the West Midlands regional design review panels, Arts Council West Midlands, and the Urban Land Institute in Birmingham.  Noha is Project Director of the CABE Urban Design Summer School 2007-9.

Professor Alan Jackson Simpson MSc RIBA MRTPI
Professor Alan Jackson Simpson is an architect urbanist, teacher and writer. He has worked around the world, with government, industry and academia to respond to critical social, economic and environmental urban planning and urban design problems and opportunities. Alan is currently Head of Urbanism at the Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow.

David West
David is a partner of Studio Egret West, a planner and urban designer who specialises in urban visions and strategic framework plans. Having set up Studio Egret West with Christophe Egret in 2004, David has pursued a passion for delivering place specific strategies and solutions. He is a member of CABE’s 2012 Design Review Panel and sits on the RIBA Building Futures Steering Group


CABE and the delivery team gratefully acknowledge the generous sponsorship of Savills for this year programme.

Providers of bursaries and sponsored places
Advantage West Midlands (AWM)
Alan Baxter
North West Leicestershire