Sustainable energy planning and management reduces our energy consumption and increases our use of low carbon or renewable energy.

Over half of the energy consumed in the UK is a result of the construction and operation of buildings, so design has a direct impact on the amount of energy used.

The benefits of sustainable energy planning and management include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, creating comfortable, healthy living and working environments, reducing energy bills and decreasing reliance on insecure energy sources.

People can support better energy planning and management by reducing energy demand, increasing energy efficiency, retrofitting existing buildings and using low carbon and decentralised energy systems.

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Energy advice

Browse our advice about sustainable energy planning.

Energy examples

Examples of good practice in energy planning and management exist in the UK and around the world.

Energy leadership for local authorities

Local authorities have a crucial role in sustainable energy planning and management.

Energy policy

The need for more carbon-efficient communities and national energy security has led to major European and UK legislation.

Energy benefits

Reducing the energy consumed in the built environment and establishing a less carbon intensive energy supply has a wide array of benefits.

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