Common themes

Find out more about the key themes of sustainable planning and management - energy, waste, water, transport, green infrastructure and public space.

Green infrastructure in Amsterdam.

Green infrastructure in Amsterdam. Photo by Peter Neal.


Sustainable energy planning and management reduces our energy consumption and increases our use of low carbon or renewable energy.


We have been consuming natural resources at an unsustainable rate and producing too much waste – we can do more to reduce waste in the first place, and make better use of waste materials.


The ability to engineer water for irrigation was the foundation of civilisation. A safe supply of drinking water and the clean disposal of foul water are essential to modern life.


In many towns and cities outside London, we have come to associate our freedom to move conveniently between work, home and shops with use of a private car.

Green infrastructure

Green infrastructure is the living network of green spaces, water and environmental systems in, around and beyond urban areas.

Public space

Public space includes streets, squares and parks, which are open and accessible to everyone.

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