London in an international centre with a huge economy and a highly skilled and diverse population.

A man and woman sitting in a park

The Hub, Regent's Park
Photo by Michele Turriani

It faces many challenges including affordability, pockets of high deprivation and transport infrastructure.

Regional partners

  • London Development Agency
  • Regional Centres of Excellence for London - Design London and Urban Design London
  • Government Office for London

Architecture centres

We fund the following architecture centres:

  • New London Architecture
    Permanent exhibition space presenting current issues in architecture, planning and development in London.
  • Open-City
    Committed to raising the standard of architecture and built environment by opening people’s eyes and minds to good design.
  • The Architecture Foundation
    Aims to promote and encourage the best in contemporary architecture and bring it to a wide audience.
  • The Building Exploratory, Hackney
    Education and resource centre in East London exploring buildings and the local environment via an interactive exhibition and wide-ranging education programme.
  • Urban Design London
    Helping London authorities achieve better-designed environments through support, training, networking opportunities, best practice and advice.
  • Fundamental
    Educating and inspiring communities in Newham to become more involved in architecture and the regeneration of their neighbourhoods.

We also fund the Architecture Centre Network, a development and advocacy organisation for the architecture centres.