Sustainability plan

We promote inspirational design for sustainability as an expert advisor to the organisations that commission buildings, spaces and places.

We have advocated well-planned, designed and managed schemes, while seeking to be more explicit and demanding about sustainable design and placemaking.

We have worked to:

  • demonstrate that design for environmental sustainability leads to improved buildings, places and spaces and quality of life
  • develop a robust set of principles, tools and data to underpin the evolution to a high-quality, low-carbon and sustainable built environment
  • assemble an evidence base for the cost-effectiveness of strategic investment in sustainable places
  • advocate whole-life cost and value as a sound economic basis for decision making for sustainable design
  • give greater prominence to environmental infrastructure and green spaces in strategic urban design through the guidance for clients
  • seek to make sustainable refurbishment of the built environment socially desirable and economically viable through lobbying, influencing and guidance
  • influence built environment education and training to improving sustainable design literacy and ensure integrated approaches to the making of sustainable buildings, spaces and places
  • reduce CABE's own ecological and carbon footprint.

At the centre of our response to the challenge of climate change has been CABE’s work to promote the design and management of sustainable places. Sustainable Places, a programme of support to local government, offers advice and best practice on both adaptation and mitigation.

A web resource, Sustainable Places, and learning programme help local authority leaders to respond to climate change and make effective decisions on planning, design and management. Sustainable Places  builds on our collaboration with the eight core cities, drawing on the advice of the UK’s leading built environment and sustainability experts.