10. Prepare for climate change

Provide increased protection for residents against flooding and heatwaves through urban greening programmes.

© Stephen McLaren

© Stephen McLaren

This will help adapt to and mitigate against the effects of climate change, improve water management and reduce urban temperatures. The National Housing Federation’s neighbourhood audit highlights work by the Family Housing Association (Birmingham) and the Summerfield Residents Association, which created an eco village to make their neighbourhood more eco-efficient.

Sustainable design advice

Sustainable Places gives expert advice on planning, designing and managing a sustainable place. It includes clear priorities for action alongside guidance on effective leadership for your town or city. Guidance by the Trees and Design Action Group explains why trees are so important to our well-being and to the future of our towns and cities. It demonstrates that by incorporating trees into new development the financial, social and environmental value of the resulting place can be greatly increased.

Cross Street South, Wolverhapton

Despite its challenging location, Cross Street South demonstrates very high standards in design and achieves excellent environmental performance. The Bromford Group’s 100 per cent affordable development includes a community pavilion with a bio-mass boiler house, green roofs, allotments, and an eco-park for use by the local community.