A new approach

Large scale urban design is about the bigger picture. It deals with the economic, social and environmental issues over large areas that cannot be solved through local action.

Ecology Park, Greenwich Millennium Village © Greenwich Millennium Village Ltd

Ecology Park, Greenwich Millennium Village
© Greenwich Millennium Village Ltd

In a tough fiscal climate, distinctive places play a critical role in generating community pride and attracting investors.

CABE has developed a new approach to planning and urban design which crosses local authority boundaries, responding to the way people live their lives.

The guide provides a flexible new framework to inform decisions on where to invest limited resources for infrastructure, or where to focus the energies of developers and public service providers.

More about large scale urban design

Foreword from Richard Simmons

Large scale urban design is not about hoping that micro-level interventions will add up to something that works at the large scale. Nor is it about imposing inflexible solutions. It embraces the complexities and uncertainties facing people today using a design process that allows people to shape the places they want.

Introduction to large scale urban design

People are travelling much further nowadays in their daily lives, which means that the way in which we plan and design our towns and cities and rural areas will need to change.

The challenges that it tackles

Large scale urban design is good at making connections, at supporting economic growth, and resolving competing priorities. Cross boundary working is also highly relevant for environmental issues.

Six distinctive features

The process is all about delivery – so it uses a creative and visual approach which engages everyone, but is highly selective when it comes to project scope and outcomes.

The outputs

Large scale urban design delivers across spatial scales: from an inspiring expression of the story of change, down to the standards and tools to guide masterplans and proposals.

The benefits

Large scale urban design is suited to organisations and partnerships in the public and private sector which are tasked with delivering solutions to big scale challenges, whether economic, financial or environmental.