Implement – deliver the strategy

The implementation plan sets out how the strategy will be delivered and by whom. This is based on the earlier exploration of delivery issues and its preparation may culminate in a dedicated workshop with delivery partners.

Schiphol region, Holland

Schiphol region, Holland.
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The issues that are covered by the implementation plan are:

  • delivery mechanisms
  • delivery partners
  • costs, funding requirements and sources
  • phasing and timing
  • managing risks
  • coordinating and monitoring of delivery
  • monitoring the impact of the strategy
  • revising and refreshing the strategy

This may highlight gaps in expertise or investment that need to be filled to make sure that the strategy can be delivered.

Throughout the process, design quality needs to be continued to be made a priority, for example by strengthening existing design policies or introducing new ones into statutory plans; setting up design review or quality panels; or running design competitions.

They also need to agree how to measure the impact of the spatial strategy. This can be a complex task, performed consistently over a long period, possibly decades.

A step-by-step guide to the implementation phase

  1. Developing an implementation plan
  2. Planning the delivery
  3. Delivering the strategy
  4. Monitoring and revising the strategy

A good example of the implementation phase

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