Icon – Lime Tree Square

Street, Somerset

Icon – Lime Tree Square. Photo by Knightstone Housing Association


Icon – Lime Tree Square is open, accessible, easy to move through and characterised by a carefully balanced arrangement of buildings, spaces, gardens and pathways. The scheme provides contemporary and innovative housing, clustered around a square which provides a physical and social centre for the community. The distinctive public spaces are designed and maintained to a very high standard. Surrounding homes lend the scheme a strong sense of identity thanks to their contemporary and robust design, which references the materials and colour palette of the local area.

Landscape and public space design are integral to the success of Icon – Lime Tree Square . Magnificent existing beech and chestnut trees have been retained; attractive timber picnic benches are provided; and child-friendly and safe play areas encourage a great sense of community.

The scheme integrates very well with its context by tapping into existing networks of pedestrian and cycle routes and by sensitively extending existing development along the southern site boundary.

Through its innovative approach to the design of highways and the public realm, Icon – Lime Tree Square reinterprets the traditional street and creates a model of best practice for urban development in semi-rural towns. It combines shared street spaces offering a safe and pedestrian-friendly feel with a simple, contemporary approach to housing design.

A resident in Icon – Lime Tree Square remarked: “An excellent scheme tends to promote a marmite reaction - you either love it or hate it. We love it”