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Latest publications

  • Simpler and better: housing design in everyone's interest

    8 June 2010
    Is it too much to believe that all new homes can be good enough everywhere? Why has this proved so difficult in the past and what can we do to change it?

  • 360° magazine: summer 2010

    7 June 2010
    Featuring reports on how teaching through the local area improves behaviour and communities learning to cross old divides in Northern Ireland as well as posters about being a chartered architectural technologist and Open in Norwich.

  • Housing standards: evidence and research

    27 May 2010
    2010 will be a pivotal year for housing standards. We know from our work around the country that many local authorities are looking at setting their own standards for their local area.

  • Ordinary places

    29 March 2010
    A starting point for debate about creating the culture and conditions to help ordinary places to become valued and valuable.

  • Unforgettable lessons

    29 March 2010
    An introduction to Engaging Places, a project from CABE and English Heritage to encourage the use of buildings and places in teaching and learning.

  • Green DayGreen Day: a climate change activity kit for schools

    23 March 2010
    Third edition of the popular activity kit providing ideas and resources for holding a school 'green day', making it a sustainable place in which to learn and play.

  • Urban green nation: building the evidence base

    22 March 2010
    No one knows exactly how many green spaces there are in our urban areas, where they are, who owns them or what condition they are in. Our new report starts to fill this information gap.

  • Green space skills 2009: national employer survey findings

    9 March 2010
    In July 2009 CABE, in partnership with English Heritage, commissioned Pye-Tait Consulting to carry out research to identify the total size, scope and labour market status of the green space sector in England.

  • Creating excellent primary schools: a guide for clients

    23 February 2010
    Helping primary school clients, working in either the local authority or the school itself, to make the most of new capital investment in their buildings.

  • Our school building matters

    15 February 2010
    A toolkit to help teachers make the most of the learning opportunities created by building a new school or refurbishing an existing one.