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Latest publications

  • Helping community groups to improve public spacesHelping community groups to improve public spaces

    26 October 2009
    A summary of research by CABE into the main barriers facing community groups in improving public spaces.

  • Guide to green space apprenticeships

    16 October 2009
    A good practice guide to help local authorities, landscape contractors and others involved in delivering green space services to plan and manage successful horticulture apprenticeship programmes.

  • 360° magazine - Autumn 2009360° magazine: autumn 2009

    21 September 2009
    Featuring an explanation of the new minimum design standard for Building Schools for the Future, a look at Japan's approach to engaging communities in public space and a poster for students considering how much buildings cost.

  • Ten year review

    16 September 2009
    In this review of the first 10 years of CABE's work, we look back to answer a natural question: what difference have we made?

  • Homes for our old age: independent living by design

    4 September 2009
    Featuring 10 case studies of housing schemes for older people, each of which offers inventive design and management solutions linking home and social care.

  • Making competitions work

    14 August 2009
    A well planned design competition can get excellent results if sufficiently resourced and targeted. We have drawn on the experience of people who have run successful competitions to help you understand what is involved.

  • Open space strategies: what local authority decision makers need to know

    13 August 2009
    Leaflet explaining to local authority decision makers what an open space strategy is and the tangible benefits of producing one.

  • Space in new homes: what residents think

    11 August 2009
    This research summary supports the case for more space in private homes, to ensure that they are functional, flexible and fit for purpose.

  • CABE annual report 2008-09: financial statements and accounts

    3 August 2009
    Describing how the organisation has helped to inspire good design through a combination of expert advice, independent scrutiny, and public engagement.

  • 360° magazine: summer 2009

    9 June 2009
    Featuring articles on the new diploma in construction and the built environment, a design competition for students in San Francisco and our usual round-up of news and events.