Procurement and construction case studies

  • Coin Street Community Builders, London

    Coin Street Community Builders have developed a mixed-use community in the heart of the capital where innovative social housing developments, commercial and cultural organisations exist side by side.

  • Manchester Civil Justice CentreManchester Civil Justice Centre

    Bringing together courts and offices which were previously scattered across the city in an award-winning civic building.

  • St Nicholas Church of England Primary School

    The client and design team used the Design Quality Indicator (DQI) process to evaluate progress in the design of St Nicholas Church of England Primary school to ensure that the project met stakeholder aspirations.

  • Maples Respite Centre

    The Design Quality Indicator (DQI) assessment developed a shared understanding among stakeholders of the design for the Maples Respite Centre and of each others’ perspectives.

  • International Digital Laboratory

    Edward Cullinan Architects used a Design Quality Indicator (DQI) assessment to develop a fit-for-purpose building that met requirements of users from all parts of the organisation.

  • Creative Exchange, St Neots, Cambridgeshire

    Commissioning an innovative and sustainable building to support creative entrepreneurs in St Neots, using growth area funding.