Education at CABE

The built environment is one of the most exciting, accessible and adaptable learning resources available to young people.

Girl looking out at the city from one of the pods on the London Eye

Pupils from Highbury Fields school visit the London Eye as part of the How Places Work programme.
Photo by Alys Tomlinson

It provides a stimulating and varied context for creativity, problem-solving, decision-making and participation. Local buildings, streets and green spaces are very much a part of young people's lives. No other section of society is as well informed about their local environment and it is essential that this knowledge and enthusiasm is harnessed.

Our aim is to encourage young people to

  • understand the value of well-designed buildings and spaces
  • demand more from their built environment
  • play an active and involved role in improving villages, towns and cities that we live in, instilling a sense of pride and ownership of their local area.

We want to inspire young people to get more out of the buildings and spaces around them.

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