Sea Change

Places culture at the heart of regenerating England’s seaside resorts by investing in arts, public space, cultural assets and heritage projects.

Sea Change aims to drive cultural and creative regeneration and economic growth in seaside resorts by funding inspiring, creative and innovative projects, bringing a sense of pride, enjoyment and celebration.

Sea Change is an initiative that CABE can be proud of. A three-year scheme, funded by £45 million from the Department For Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), it has been devoted to helping seaside resorts regenerate themselves by improving their public spaces, cultural facilities and architectural heritage. As such, it represents the creative use of relatively small amounts of public money to socially useful and aesthetically imaginative ends
Rupert Christiansen, The Telegraph

Sea Change is now closed for new applications.  Three waves of funded capital projects were awarded between 2008 and 2010.

More about Sea Change

Background to Sea Change

Investment in cultural projects can radically enhance the regeneration of historic seaside resorts.

How Sea Change works

Information about how much funding is available, the aims and objectives of the project and the definitions that are used for both "seaside resort" and "culture".

Sea Change grants awarded

See which projects were awarded large grants and open grants in each wave of Sea Change funding.

Example projects

Examples of projects funded by Sea Change which explain why cultural regeneration was necessary and how the funding will be used.

Coastcards (videos)

Three films which were commissioned by Animate Projects as part of Sea Change.

Folkestone Triennial

Folkestone is at the start of a regeneration programme which combines cultural, commercial and educational initiatives, led and inspired by two privately funded trusts who are working closely with the local authorities.