Streets make up about 80 per cent of our urban public spaces - it’s critical that we get their design right.

Cherry tree on street

Photo by Stephen McLaren

England’s streets, squares and town centres embody thousands of years of wisdom about placemaking. But their quality has been compromised with pollution, congestion and noise.

A fundamental shift is taking place in the way we think about and design our streets. Manual for streets puts people first, identifying streets as major elements of placemaking and emphasising their role in creating successful neighbourhoods.

Improving the streets near you

Read how to reduce street clutter

Successful streets use signs, bollards and guardrails sparingly. Excessive street furniture can have a negative impact on a street’s character and lead to confusion among users. Our advice shows the best ways to take action in your area.

Street design training

Street design and placemaking masterclass is an intensive one day training programme that focuses on how urban design and highway engineering expertise can be used to apply the recommendations of Manual for Streets.

Learn from experts in street design

Two videos containing technical advice about street design from urban designer Sue McGlynn and Manual for Streets co-author Andy Cameron.

Understand the principles of great street design

We have developed five principles that local authorities and community groups involved in street design should follow.