Green space skills

The green space sector is facing a skills crisis with shortages of landscape architects and people with the horticultural know-how to create and maintain high quality green spaces.

To address these issues, CABE Space has led on a national strategy for improving the green space skills of our workforce, Skills to grow. seven priorities to improve green space skills.

Green space skills at CABE

Skills to Grow

Outlines the challenges facing the sector and proposes seven strategic priorities which will create the conditions for an effective green space sector.

Green space skills 2009: national employer survey findings

In July 2009 CABE, in partnership with English Heritage, commissioned Pye-Tait Consulting to carry out research to identify the total size, scope and labour market status of the green space sector in England.

Guide to green space apprenticeships

A good practice guide to help local authorities and others to plan and manage successful horticulture apprenticeship programmes.

CABE Space leaders programme

An intensive, three day learning programme designed specifically for green space managers.

GROW careers

Skills to grow: seven priorities to improve urban green space skills highlights the severe shortage of horticultural skills facing the green space sector.

Apprenticeship videos

Watch these inspirational films of apprentices sharing their experiences and aspirations if you’re considering setting up an apprenticeship scheme.


Campaign highlighting the importance of park workers in transforming and maintaining Britain's parks.

Useful links

Institute of Parks and Green Space (

The Institute is essential for improving green space skills, promoting careers and sharing knowledge and experience among professionals.