Outside England case studies

  • Seonyudo Park, Seoul, South Korea

    Seonyudo Park is an award-winning ecological park, created by the conversion of a former water treatment plant.

  • Cheonggyecheon Restoration Project, Seoul, South Korea

    The Cheonggyecheon Restoration Project created a 5.8km landscaped green pathway that runs alongside the revitalised Cheonggyecheon stream in Seoul, South Korea.

  • Christchurch Urban Development Strategy, New Zealand

    A good example of sub-regional planning and urban design which drives the sustainability agenda at a strategic level.

  • Suna-wase Park, Katayamazu Onsen, Japan

    Katayamazu, a spa town in Japan, has been revitalised by an innovative piece of public space. Designed by Professor Yu Nakai and EAU.

  • Manabi-no-Mori park, Kakamigahara City, Japan

    Kakamigahara City has developed a series of attractive green spaces, showing the benefits of meaningful community involvement. Designed by Professor Mikiko Ishikawa.

  • Chicago urban forest, Chicago, USA

    The City of Chicago is harnessing the potential of trees to reduce the impact of heatwaves by developing and implementing a strategic management plan for its ‘urban forest’.

  • Green Streets, Portland, USA

    Project featuring attractive curbside planters that absorb flash flood water run-off - essential in a city with nearly a metre of rainfall each year.

  • Olympic ParkOlympic Park, Sydney, Australia

    In 2000 the Olympic Games took place in Sydney, Australia. The Games were hosted on a site that had been transformed from a highly polluted post-industrial wasteland to a 425-hectare sustainable urban parkland.

  • Green AlleysGreen Alleys, Chicago

    The need to reduce storm water run-off in Chicago’s alleys led to the Green Alley programme, which introduced wide-ranging environmental improvements to neglected spaces.

  • Ekostaden AugustenborgEkostaden Augustenborg, Malmö, Sweden

    Environmental improvements have transformed Augustenborg from a neighbourhood in decline to an exemplar of an environmentally adapted urban area. The area is once again seen as an attractive place to live and work.