CABE people

CABE's staff team has been supported by ‘the CABE family’ – a unique network of design advisors and other professional experts.


From 1999 to 2011, CABE's board has been made up of 16 commissioners who are experts in fields including architecture, urban design, surveying, engineering, public policy, heritage, public space and marketing.

Executive team

The senior management team has been made up of leaders in architecture, planning, public space and communications, supported by heads of individual teams.

Design review panel members

All the people who served on a design review panel between 1999 and 2011.


All the people who served as CABE enablers from 1999 to 2011.

Public space enablers

All the people who served on the CABE Space enabling panel from 2003-2011.

People we work with

Architects use their creative and technical skills to visualise and design the built environment that we all inhabit.

Community groups stay involved in what happens to their local public spaces – whether a park, street, garden or play area.

Councillors often work with us on planning and access issues.

Developers purchase land or existing buildings with the aim of creating new or refurbished homes, offices, or commercial developments.

Green space managers design, plan and maintain our urban parks and green spaces.

Landscape architects combine environment, design, art and science at the interface between people and natural systems.

Planners are responsible for shaping a place and its surroundings, by making decisions about how land is managed and developed.

Public sector clients include local authorities, publicly-funded agencies, healthcare trusts, schools and teachers.

Students may become architects, planners, engineers, horticulturalists, landscape architects, surveyors or urban designers.

Teachers can use the built environment to inspire young people and deliver key parts of the curriculum.

Urban designers create places through layout of buildings, infrastructure, amenities and public spaces.