Ten year review

In this review of the first 10 years of CABE's work, we look back to answer a natural question: what difference have we made?

Cover of Ten year review:

The Ten year review points to some of the challenges that remain, and highlights 10 places across England where we have made an impact.

The examples in the review demonstrate how CABE's technical expertise has helped people in local communities to choose good design for new homes, schools, parks and streets. They show that our partners trust our advice because it is impartial and independent.

The review shows how value for money is a critical concern in CABE's work. Our advice helps to keep project costs down and ensure best value, and our input costs a tiny fraction of spend overall. CABE's advice on typical school or health buildings, for instance, has cost less than 0.1 per cent of the total construction spend.

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Published on 16 September 2009

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