CABE annual report 2008-09

Financial statements and accounts

Describing how the organisation has helped to inspire good design through a combination of expert advice, independent scrutiny, and public engagement.

Cover of CABE annual report 2008-09: Financial statements and accounts

Expert advice from CABE included the launch of a groundbreaking new resource for local authority leaders showing how to create sustainable cities. CABE also delivered training for 170 Building for Life assessors in 105 local authorities, and hosted the first national conference on green infrastructure.

Independent scrutiny came in the form of 357 design reviews. This process enhanced the quality of many of the most important developments taking place in England. A further 71 reviews were conducted of proposals emerging for new Crossrail stations and Building Schools for the Future schools.

High profile initiatives to engage the public included the Climate Change Festival in Birmingham last June, visited by more than a third of a million people. 100,000 young people also took part in Green Day, a new initiative from CABE designed to make schools more sustainable.

Published on 3 August 2009

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