The value of design

Promoting the value of design has been central to CABE’s research programme.

Our work on the value of design has included investigating the economic, social and environmental values relevant to the built environment; showing how good design improves quality of life, equality of opportunity and economic prospects; and exposing the social and economic costs of bad design.

Value of design at CABE

Valuing urban layout

The iVALUL project shows how the quality of an individual street is directly related to its place in the network of streets that make up a place.

Paved with gold: the real value of street design

Learn how good street design contributes to both economic benefits and public value.

The value handbook

Download our practical guide for public sector organisations to get the most from the buildings and spaces in their area.

The cost of bad design

Hear what people across England had to say about what happens when buildings and spaces go wrong.

Physical capital

Understand the concept of 'physical capital'. What is it? Can it be measured? How can it help to create better places?

Making the invisible visible: the real value of park assets

Explaining why traditional accounting methods are unhelpful when valuing assets – such as parks – that can appreciate over time.

Does money grow on trees?

Examining how well-planned and managed parks, gardens and squares can increase the value of nearby properties and attract people and inward investment.

The value of good design

Read how investment in good design generates economic and social value.

The value of urban design

Download our ground-breaking attempt to pin down the economic, social and environmental value of good urban design.

The impact of office design on business performance

See the benefits of well-designed workplaces and how office design can affect business performance.