Architects use their creative and technical skills to visualise and design the built environment that we all inhabit.


Architect Joanna van Heyningen
Photo by Michele Turriani

We work with architects through our design review service, publish design guidance and provide training through conferences and events. We also fund a network of architecture centres across England.

Resources for architects

Design review

Understand our design review process, including advice on submitting schemes  Read recent design reviews and find out more about panel members.

Case studies

Browse hundreds of the best buildings and spaces in England in our case study library, all with high-quality photos.

Creating excellent buildings

Read our guide to commissioning a building project, covering the four main stages of preparation, design, construction and use.

Design and access statements: how to write, read and use them

Write better design and access statements with this practical guide, which includes a detailed explanation of a real-life application.

Design review: principles and practice

Design review is a tried and tested method of promoting good design and a cost-effective way of improving quality.

Space in new homes: what residents think

Research which supports the case for more space in private homes, to ensure that they are functional, flexible and fit for purpose.

Housing standards: evidence and research

2010 was a pivotal year for housing standards. We have collected the latest research on housing standards, including technical details and a comprehensive evidence base for anyone to draw from.

Homes for our old age: independent living by design

10 case studies of housing schemes for older people offering inventive design and management solutions linking home and social care.