Health and wellbeing

An all-inclusive approach to public health is emerging for those planning, building and managing places that affect people's health.

Raines Court

Raines Court
Photo by Michele Turriani

The built environment can be a vital tool in helping tackle health inequalities, from obesity to mental health. It can help us prepare for the challenges of an ageing society, and support the less physically able.

We provide professional advice for public sector clients at the early stages of projects for hospitals, GP surgeries, health centres, and community hospitals. Through our panel of enablers – architects, planners and expert clients – we have advised more than 40 acute and primary care projects over 2002-2010.  

Our design review panel  assesses health projects which will have a significant impact on their surroundings. This includes an impartial peer review of schemes and constructive advice on how designs could best enhance both service delivery and the communities they serve.

We contributed to the Foresight report on obesity, the Marmot reviews of health inequalities and Department of Health policy on public health, notably the Public Health White Paper 2010.

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