Good planning can deliver good design in the right place and at the right time. Poor planning can leave a terrible legacy of failed buildings, spaces and places.

CABE supports the process of delivering good quality design through the planning system.  We use the planning system to embed a design ethos in policy, build confidence in local authorities and explore how design fares at appeal.

Planning authorities should

  • include a clear strategy and vision in their local development framework
  • expect good quality schemes
  • use pre-application discussions, design and access statements and ensure the planning application contains sufficient detail
  • secure quality through planning conditions and legal agreements
  • access design skills in-house, through consultants or via design review
  • review design quality in an annual monitoring report using Building for Life.

Planning at CABE

Our work in planning

We aim to support good quality design through the planning system at national and local levels.

Local development frameworks

Spatial planning that helps local authorities facilitate high-quality, well-designed places and spaces. See also Planning for places and core strategy advice notes.

National planning policy

Government planning guidance endorses design quality, and makes clear it is an essential part of creating sustainable places.

Design at appeal

Look at examples of where  the government’s policies for high-quality design are supported at appeal.

Design and access statements

A vital tool in helping local planning authorities decide if a development is high quality, and makes a positive contribution to an area.

Planning Advisory Committee

Advises CABE on planning issues and the development of our planning programme.

Large scale urban design: getting the big picture right

How do we deal with the economic, social and environmental challenges of large areas that cannot be solved through local action? This guide outlines a new approach to large scale urban design and includes our step-by-step guide to a new workshop-based process.

Housing standards: evidence and research

2010 will be a pivotal year for housing standards. We have collected the latest research on housing standards, including technical details and a comprehensive evidence base for anyone to draw from.

Planning on the web

Planning Advisory Service -

Facilitating improvement in the local authority planning sector.

Planning Portal -

The complete online planning and building resource.

The Planning Inspectorate -

Processing planning appeals and local development plans.

Planning Aid -

Engaging communities in planning.