• Pioneering waste management – meeting the design challenge

    22 December 2010
    Waste management facilities and new power plants could usher in a new chapter in English industrial architecture. They have an important pioneering function and are being built in increasing numbers.

  • Tossing the CABE

    25 October 2010
    A letter to The Times about the decision of DCMS to stop funding for CABE.

  • Good design in a changing world

    14 October 2010
    Well-designed and maintained places have a positive impact on every person every day.

  • Canklow, Rotherham. Rother a nice view

    23 September 2010
    A local housing association provides a coherent response to a challenging hillside site in Canklow, Rotherham.

  • Hirst Gardens, Burnley Wood, BurnleyMore than one level to bungalows

    17 September 2010
    It seems difficult to believe that six years ago, residents were threatening to chain themselves to railings in protest against proposals to rehouse them in Hirst Gardens in Burnley.

  • Sevenoaks heaven

    20 July 2010
    The Victorian terrace is such a strong emblem for good urban design that any housing that replaces it through a Pathfinder programme deserves extra scrutiny.

  • Radnor Street and GardensTransforming public space in south Islington

    6 July 2010
    Improvements to estates, parks and streets have changed large parts of one of London’s most deprived neighbourhoods. Public space co-ordinator Liz Kessler describes a six year community-led programme that has also generated local jobs.

  • Barking CentralBarking Central, East London

    18 June 2010
    Thinking back to my first visit to the town hall in Barking, I remember a stately building marooned on a windswept lake of asphalt. It faced onto a drab 1970s library and the grim backs and service areas of high street shops.

  • Maurer Court.Greenwich observed

    21 May 2010
    A decade ago, Europe’s largest former gasworks was given a new lease of life when the Greenwich Peninsula became home to a new community. Today, a stroll through the quiet streets of Greenwich Millennium Village is a pleasantly reassuring experience.

  • Locations of Asda, Sainsbury's and Tesco supermarket stores in BritainSupermarkets – the new drivers of urban growth

    14 May 2010
    Supermarkets have become major players in building and shaping places. Retailers don’t just want to build a supermarket nowadays. They want to redevelop town centres, with housing, shopping streets and schools.